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Injustice in the world calls us all to take action,
not only in words, but tangible deeds.


At Digital FastForward, we believe innovation and design thinking
are powerful tools for putting meaningful change into action.



We have compiled a Top 25 Watch list of companies in the corporate innovation ecosystem, and the statements and commitments these companies have made in support of social justice, economic inclusion, and diversity and equity.

We believe these companies possess an incredible opportunity to invest resources to help design a new world that is just and equal for all. As a research project, we will regularly monitor and update status on the progress these companies are making on the commitments they have made.

Statement DateCommitment MadeAmount CommittedRecent UpdatesStatus
1Zoom05/30/20General Support$1,200,000Updated 01/07/21
2Box05/30/20General Support??Updated 07/01/21
3LinkedIn05/31/20General Support$0Updated 07/01/21
4Atlassian06/01/20General Support$0Updated 07/22/21
5Pegasystems06/02/20Social Justice$0Updated 08/05/21
6WeWork06/02/20Economic inclusion$2,000,000
7Slack6/02/20General Support$0
8Wordpress06/02/20General Support$0
9Amazon06/03/20Social Justice$10,000,000Amazon updates
10Google06/03/20Social Justice $37,000,000
11Docusign06/03/20Social Justice, DE&I$500,000
12Twitter06/03/20Social Justice$3,000,000
14Facebook06/05/20General Support$0
15IBM06/08/20Social Justice$0
16Apple06/11/20Social Justice, Economic Equality$100,000,000
17IDEO06/15/20DE&I, Social Justice, and Economic Equality$500,000
18Hubspot06/18/20General Support$0
19Microsoft06/23/20DE&I, Social Justice, and Economic Equality $550,000,000
20ServiceNow06/23/20General Support
21Intuit06/30/20General Support$0
22Salesforce07/03/20Social Justice, Economic Inclusion, DE&I$410,000,000
25Indeed06/1/20General Support$)